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Meet Les – one very lucky koala

In early October, Friends of the Koala rescuer, Maria Matthes, was completing a routine round of visual koala health checks on koalas in East Coraki. The last koala checked before lunch was Les, named after the landholder where he lives.  

Les looked great from one angle, but his anguished behaviour meant a greater look was warranted. Les was constantly swatting, flicking ears, and was extremely agitated. Maria could see Les had a severe-looking wound on his thigh. With no tree climbers available, Maria set a trap and stayed nearby, watching Les throughout the night to determine whether he was able to move and if he was eating.  

By morning, Les had not come down into the trap. With his agitation increasing, a tree climber was called in and successfully captured Les. Once at the hospital our IFAW sponsored vet team quickly discovered the full extent of the damage – the infection was down to the bone and a substantial amount of muscle was gone. After flushing and bandaging the wound, Les spent a couple of days in ICU on heavy-duty antibiotics before moving to an observation room. Les quickly settled into care and was soon moved to an outdoor enclosure to continue his rehabilitation.

Despite the worrying initial prognosis, nearly 6 weeks on we are happy to report the wound is healing incredibly well and while we will never know how the wound was caused, we know he is no longer in pain!