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Kal hitches a ride with Mum

Several months ago, a juvenile male named Kal came into care with rather sore looking eyes.

He was found sitting in a pot plant by himslef at Kalina Nursing Home in Goonellabah and caused quite a stir with the residents.

He was a pretty good patient and was very cute so got lots of attention from the volunteers.

A few months before he came into care, a local resident of Goonellabah, Brad Mustow, took a few photos of a Mum & bub who were happy to pose for pictures.

He shared the photos with Friends of the Koala and we immediately recognised Kal as the baby in the photo.

Kal has since been released and has been seen enjoying life high in the trees.

Here are some of Brad’s gorgeous photos.

brad-mustow-goonellabah-3 brad-mustow-goonellabah-5 brad-mustow-goonellabah-7 brad-mustow-goonellabah-8 brad-mustow-goonellabah-4

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