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Restoring koala habitat on ‘Koala Island’ at Monaltrie

This project is a collaboration between the Saving our Species program, FOK, Monaltrie Landcare and Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC). The aim of the project is  to deliver tangible and long-term results for NSW threatened species. This project site is targeting koalas and thorny pea. The bulk of the funding has gone towards cattle exclusion fencing. Wildlife friendly fencing able to withstand moderate to severe flooding events, will protect this riparian site which provides a vital link in the Wilson River corridor. Cattle exclusion is essential to enable restoration works to be successful. The project site is an extension of riparian corridor work being funded through the NSW Environmental Trust and the Community Environment Program. This unique site provides a safe refuge free from the threats from motor vehicles and future development. Bush regeneration contractors have been engaged to stem inject woody weed predominately coral tree and camphor laurel and undertake site preparation for planting. Planting of koala food trees and other endemic riparian species was undertaken by FOK contractors and the Ngulingah LALC.