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Faces of FOK: Q&A with Vik

What is your role? 
As Volunteer Coordinator, my role includes the recruitment and induction of new volunteers, maintaining our volunteer database, keeping new and existing volunteers up to date and informed about what is going on at FOK and ensuring that new volunteers receive effective training for their roles. A big part of what I do is matching volunteers to the opportunity that best suits their skills and interests and keeping schedules and records of volunteer’s work.  

What roles have you been in in your time at FOK?  
When I started volunteering with FOK in January 2019, I volunteered as a koala carer then became a committee member, a second-in-charge on shift and now I am Volunteer Coordinator. 

What does volunteering with FOK mean to you?  
I discovered a new passion – Koalas – and volunteering at FOK allows me the opportunity and privilege to work closely with koalas. It has given me a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.  I am proud to be a part of this organisation. 

Why is the work that FOK does so important?  
The koalas today are under threat of extinction, their future is in danger, FOK are dedicated to the effective management and conservation of the koala and their habitat. FOK give me some hope that our koalas will be here a little longer. 

Why do you think volunteering (with any organisation) is important? 
It gives people the opportunity to give back to and to connect to their community, to contribute to a cause they are passionate about. It can help volunteers gain confidence, great for meeting people, learning new skills, having some fun. 

How has volunteering impacted you?  
It truly is a case of “the more I give, the better I feel”. While volunteering at FOK, I have developed new skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and relationship skills. I have gained new insights, i.e. I have become more aware and have a deeper understanding of koalas and their vulnerability. Volunteering at FOK has inspired me and united me with many likeminded people.  

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