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Faces of FOK: Q&A with Tammy


What is your FOK story? When did you join and why?
I’ve been caring for wildlife since my teenage years, only stopping when I had my children. Once they were older, I began caring for macropods again as I wanted to share the experience with them. 
I knew koalas were in my local area, but it wasn’t until we moved closer into the heart of Kyogle that I was lucky enough to have a koala in my backyard! I knew the sad status of koalas so I contacted Friends of the Koala as I wanted to play a part in their protection. I joined in 2019 and began my training to become a volunteer koala carer. 

What roles have you been in your time at FOK? 
I started as a volunteer koala carer and absolutely love it. I then trained to become a koala rescuer and now volunteer on the Rescue Hotline. As we are entering breeding season, we are starting to receive lots of calls about sick and injured koalas. Dog attacks and car hits are on the rise as koalas are moving around. It is really critical members of the public call our Rescue Hotline on 6622 1233 if they see a sick or injured koala. Because the earlier a koala receives treatment, the more chance it has of surviving and being released back to the wild.

What has been your biggest achievement/special memory during your time volunteering?
I have lots of special memories from when I volunteered caring for koalas at the Centre. I especially loved being assigned the kindy enclosure with the koala joeys. Now I really enjoy being a hotliner as it has made me realise that so many people genuinely do care a lot about our koalas and want to help.

How has volunteering impacted you?
Volunteering with FOK has enabled me to meet some of the nicest, most caring, and dedicated people in our society. It’s nice to be part of this caring, committed community.

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