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Installing wildlife friendly fencing on ‘Koala Island’ at Monaltrie

This program forms part of the Australian Government’s 2019 environment policy election commitment, Our Plan for a Cleaner Environment. It aims to support the environmental priorities of local community and environment groups in their regions and neighbourhoods, to recover and strengthen the environment and to build and strengthen local communities. The work will value add to two other funded projects on this reach of the Wilson River south of Lismore. The location is known as ‘Koala Island’ as this meander in the Wilson River is virtually an island and is favoured by local koalas. The bulk of the funding has gone towards cattle exclusion fencing. Bush regeneration contractors have been engaged to stem inject woody weed predominately coral tree and camphor laurel and undertake site preparation for planting. Planting of koala food trees and other endemic riparian species will be undertaken by Conservation Volunteers Australia and Friends of the Koala volunteers once the threat from COVID has passed and we can once again gather to achieve great outcomes for koalas.