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Another successful koala habitat restoration project completed

final corridor

A second three-year project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust has come to a close with the next stage due to commence in November. This project aimed to increase community capacity to better manage agricultural land for the benefit of koalas and other wildlife that are being impacted by habitat fragmentation.

Success can only be measured by the enthusiasm of landowners to bring about change, continuous safe corridors created and more importantly the presence of koalas on all restored sites.

Over the three-year project period we have achieved:

  • 11 km of continuous corridor enhanced through restoration and revegetation
  • 2875 hours contributed by contractors and volunteers
  • 4064 plants in the ground
  • 13 ha restored
  • 4 km of wildlife friendly fencing to exclude cattle

In addition to this, we raised awareness with the wider community through targeted education initiatives encouraging landowners to plant paddock trees, providing a safe refuge for koalas having to cross vast expanses of grazing land.

This project was a FOK partnership with Monaltrie Landcare with financial support from Lismore City Council and made possible by NSW Environmental Trust.

10.6 km of continuous habitat enhanced on the Lismore, Wilson River floodplain
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